The Right Place and The Right Time to Buy with Cross Homes & Associates

It is always good to find yourself in the right know it when you see it. It just feels right. But when you find that right place at the right time, be ready for something extraordinary to happen.

That is the case at Cross Homes & Associates’ brand new community in St. Charles, The Crest Over Katy Trail.

The Right Place

When you drive through the entrance and up Napa View Lane, you know you’ve found the right place. At its peak, it is the highest point in St. Charles County, and the views overlooking the Missouri River Valley below are breathtaking, reminiscent of California wine country.

The feeling of peace is overwhelming. The knowledge that might be possible to enjoy this view from your own home punctuates the sense of “right” with an exclaimation point.

After a tour of the exquisite Cross display home, it may be difficult to envision living your days in any other place, or a home by any other homebuilder.

Bill Cross’ meticulous craftsmanship, coupled with his artistic eye and unmatched expertise in designing and building luxury homes, is evident in every square foot he creates. A Cross home is not simply a’s a dream made into reality with the care and skill of a true artisan. When you’re in one of his homes, you know it’s right.


The Right Time

Timing is everything they say, and in this case, they are right. It would be enough to find your home at The Crest Over Katy Trail at any other time. But now, a very special negotiation between Cross and his financial institution has enabled Cross to offer homes at the property at a far lower price than ever before.

As soon as the word got out to potential homeowners, two of the display homes were bought in one week.

There are only a small number of homesites available at this private enclave, so Cross recommends that anyone interested visit soon and select the homesite and view that they like best.

Cross Homes & Associates has always enjoyed a reputation for tremendous attention to detail, home design expertise, and excellent customer involvement. The Cross process is a fun, relaxed experience that leaves each homeowner feeling happy, fulfilled, and ready to recommend Cross to others.

“We’ve been building new homes for decades now, and this is the best oppor-tunity I have ever seen for someone to buy the home of their dreams in a magnificent location at a price that is so remarkable it is hard to believe.” said Cross about The Crest Over Katy Trail.

Interested buyers should call Cross Homes & Associates at 636-300-1010 or visit to get more information about the company, the homes they build, the process, and their communities in the St. Louis area.

But what you really should do is take a drive to The Crest Over Katy Trail and see it in person. Once you do, you’ll know you’ve found the right place.

And if you do it quickly enough, you’ll have the magical combination of right place, and right time, and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of that for the rest of your life.

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